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lion statue antique fireplace mantel

Lion statues Series marble fireplace surround is the classic antique fireplace mantel. Our work is absolutely best skilled in the carving marble industry. All of these photos are our 2015 fireplace surround projects which clients from all over the world book from us. They find us and choose their ideal marble fireplace surround then we sculpted it and ship it.
The first picture of lion fireplace surround is large statues of lion as fireplace columns , it's typical vintage design. represent royal and luxury.the second picture of lion statues fireplace mantel is made by limestone, a limestone fireplace surround with lion statues columns is matched to a antique style living room. the third picture of lion fireplace mantel is the best work every. We select a dark chocolate color natural stone block , carved a double decker fireplace overmantel with lion statues. This style of overmantel are classic design by famous designers.
Besides these remarkable lion statues fireplace surround, we also have same series leopard statues fireplace mantel, Email us get a 2016 whole e-catalogue! By Luna.W Dec.01.2015

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